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The difference between conservatories and orangeries

If you’re considering a home extension, but want something more than just another normal room, you’re probably going to want a conservatory or an orangery. There are a few main differences between the two, so it’s important you know the differences. 

What is a conservatory 

A conservatory is a home extension with a glass roof and glass walls. A conservatory usually has glass walls covering over half of the total wall space. These are the more common home extensions, as they are simpler.

What is an orangery

An orangery is a home extension with a glass roof but brick walls. To be an orangery, less than half of the walls need to be glass, if any. Orangeries are more rare, simply because people are less likely to know the difference between the two. 

What are the differences between a conservatory and an orangery 

Orangeries are more commonly seen on smaller homes, although they used to be large, grand rooms in period homes used to grow oranges- hence the name. However, we offer a lot of freedom with both types of extensions, so we can design either to suit the space you have. 

Orangeries can also be seen as a good middle ground between conservatories and standard room extensions, as the brick walls and glass roof are a mix of the two. This makes them ideal for if you aren’t sure what you will use the room for, or if you want to let more natural light into a normal room. 

Conservatories are better if you want a bright and airy room, as the glass walls and roof are the ideal way to flood your home with light. They can still be used for a range of different purposes and are as practical as a standard room extension, just much lighter. 

Orangeries can be designed to suit any type of home, as their amount of brick means they can have several different styles. On the other hand, conservatories come in more standard styles, as the glass or polycarbonate panels are harder to customise. 

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